With ‘The Mummy‘ kicking off Universal Pictures’ monster-filled “Dark Universe” this week it’s time to look towards the future and Alex Kurtzman has opened up a bit about their plans for the ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘! While a Bride hasn’t been cast quite yet we do know that David Koepp’s (‘Jurassic Park’,’Spider-Man’) script for her is “brilliant” according to Kurtzman and with Angelina Jolie being rumored for the role that will be useful in helping her sign on the dotted line.

According to Kurtzman:

“David Koepp wrote a brilliant script. A brilliant script with a very unique structure and a central relationship that I think is gonna be relatable to a lot of people while also being very true to what I believe people love about Bride. Here’s the weird thing about Bride Of Frankenstein. It is one of the weirdest movies you’ll ever see in your life. It is such a strange film. What amazes me is that the bride doesn’t show up until, what, the last ten minutes of the film? Doesn’t say anything, rejects Frankenstein, he pulls a lever and the building explodes and that’s the end of it. It’s not like she has long monologues, it’s not like you get to know her character, it’s not like she goes out into the world. There’s almost no screen time with her.

“And yet everybody remembers the iconic look, the hair, who she was. Articles have been written, there’s Halloween costumes. It’s an enduring character because there’s something mysterious about her and that look, and the idea that she was created to serve another man. Which is gonna be an interesting thing to tackle in this day and age. It might be something we subvert in our film. It will be really interesting to see where we go because I actually think that Bride is maybe a lot more accessible as a character than you may think. Mostly because she’s not really a character yet based on the original Bride Of Frankenstein.”

It sounds as if we’ll be seeing the Bride go in an entirely different direction from the original and while I hope she retains some of the look and mystique, this is a good thing. Let’s be honest; there is only so much we know about the original Bride, and her character development wasn’t that top notch. Making her into her own woman and not just a brief introduction at the end of the movie would serve the studio well if they can do so in a way that still makes audiences sympathetic to her plight.

Are you looking forward to the ‘Bride of Frankenstein’? Are you glad that it sounds like they’ll be taking her in a different direction than the original? Who do you think would be best to play the part? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Den of Geek

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