If you’ve been wondering why director Doug Liman may have left Warner Brother’s Justice League Dark film which has been titled ‘Dark Universe‘ then you’re in luck! Many may have been worried that it could have been due to rewrites or creative differences, but the actual reason was due to a “scheduling nightmare” with his other commitments. Thankfully for DCEU fans, this isn’t on Warner Brothers side but from Liman having too much on his plate just as the previous director, Guillermo del Toro, did.

According to Liman:

“I was really excited by the characters and that world, but I’m doing Chaos Walking for Lionsgate next and then Tom [Cruise] and I are hoping to do the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow so it just became a scheduling nightmare … That’s the problem with directing. Producers can do multiple films, you know? Directing is like being married!”

We know that Warner Brothers currently has a shortlist which includes Andres Muschietti and Damián Szifron on the list to tackle the film. We’ll likely hear an announcement soon if they plan on making the tentative 2018 release date which they had in mind.

Hopefully, unlike ‘Suicide Squad’ and more along the lines of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ we’ll see a fun take on these characters who for the most part aren’t too familiar outside of fans of the comics.

Are you looking forward to the Justice League Dark movie? Do you think that the loss of Liman will hurt production or will either of these other directors be able to give us just as solid of a movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN

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