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Sony is after horror in a new way by creating a film based around a real life haunted hotel in ‘The Bringing’. Just attached to the project is Nicolas Winding Refn (‘Drive’, ‘Valhalla Rising’) to direct! It is an interesting twist for the director as Refn is usually sought out for projects he has worked on, but this time around, he was the one actively campaigning to be attached to it. The film is brought to us by Brandon and Phillip Murphy and Sony acquired it in February during a competitive bidding battle. Matt Tolmach is also set to produce. The film itself will revolve around the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

While the hotel is quite famous for killers such as Richard Ramirez calling it home at one point or another, it was really made famous last year when a video of a girl named Elisa Lam who died a mysterious death at the location was making the rounds online. The video showed her portraying some extremely bizarre behavior and creepy movements before her death which you can see in the following video. It partially looks like she is hiding from someone, partially looks as if she is looking for someone, and what is up with her hands when she is shown in the hallway near the end?

Elisa was found dead in the water tanks on the roof of the hotel a brief time later and the circumstances around her death are extremely mysterious as her body should not have been able to be placed there. While this death isn’t mentioned to be featured in the film, it did plant the seeds of an idea revolving around a man who is investigating another death at the hotel. What he isn’t expecting to find is the nightmare he ends up trapped in.

What do you think of a horror film based on the hotel of numerous past oddities? Do you think it’ll be a good fit with real life horrors having occurred here in the past or will it be a little too close to home from anyone who has lost a loved one there? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline