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Sometimes, we get the most interesting pieces of information from the most random of sources.  Recently we’ve been given a seemingly small tidbit of info surrounding ‘Doctor Who’ that could have major ramifications for the planned future of the franchise.

The bit of news comes via a press release about the BBC’s new deal it has struck with Shanghai Media Group, or SMG Pictures for short.  SMG is a huge player in the Chinese TV & film market, and BBC would obviously like to expand its fan base in that huge market.  The press release is about a deal the two companies have struck, to make the entire ‘Doctor Who’ catalog of shows, including the ‘Torchwood’ and ‘Class’ spin-off series, available for viewing in the Chinese market.

The deal, however, isn’t just relegated to the past portion of ‘Doctor Who’ – and this is where the news gets interesting for fans.  The press release indicates that SMG also gets first rights in the Chinese market for not only the upcoming 11th series (season), but also “a first look for Series 12-15.”

What does this mean, in plain terms?  Simply put, the BBC is planning on having ‘Doctor Who’ on-air and alive for at least five more seasons!  As fans likely know by now, showrunner Steven Moffat and current Doctor portrayer Peter Capaldi will be leaving the show at this season’s end, paving the way for a new era of ‘Who’ to commence.  Chris Chibnall will be taking over showrunner duties, and while no new actor or actress has expressly been announced to take over the mantle of the titular character, rumors have been swirling for quite some time.

One uncertainty that seems to be put to bed, however, is BBC’s long-term plans for the show, which is certainly good news to Whovians everywhere.

‘Doctor Who’ currently airs on Saturday evenings on BBC America here in the US.

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