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Well, with ‘Wonder Woman’ opening this week and the reviews being mostly positive,  it is good to hear from the stars of the film itself what they think of the upcoming blockbuster that is potentially poised to “save the DCEU.” One of the more interesting opinions on the movie comes from star Chris Pine, who has spoken recently with Vanity Fair on why he thinks ‘Wonder Woman’ is an important movie, not only because it is the first quality DCEU film coming out, but also because of the perspective the first female superhero movie will bring to audiences. According to Pine:

“We’ve seen stories told through the male prism a lot. Men are not all that smart. We tend to want to kill each other all the time, so it’s nice to finally have a fresh, female perspective with important themes. To have a female superhero story that is about love and compassion and nurturing of life than the opposite is very important. At the heart of the movie, it’s about people falling in love and being passionate and being heroic. It’s a great lesson for everyone to learn instead of other movies where shit is blowing up all the time.”

In line with the idea of a female hero being motivated differently (and with less ego) than her male counterparts, Pine also stated:

“The world needs all different kinds of superheroes, especially one like Wonder Woman. She teaches love and the belief in a better mankind. That’s the interesting thing. Her versus the other superheroes, she chose to fight for peace. She chose to spend her life to help others, and that’s empowering. She’s the one who took control of her life. She comes into this world and realizes that it’s hard and complicated and difficult, but worth it because she knows it’s her mission. We are seeing this for the first time on the big screen in that way.”

What are your thoughts here? Personally, while I think it is great that ‘Wonder Woman’ is poised to do so well in theaters, and I will gladly pay that ticket price to see an amazing female superhero in action, I hardly think she is the first selfless hero we have ever seen on the big screen, and I think it is a bit short sighted to think that only a female hero is capable of acting out of love and compassion. I do not think things are nearly so black and white as Pine describes, but I can appreciate what he is trying to get at. Share your own opinions on the matter in the comments below!

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