Well as we approach the end of ‘Arrow‘ Season 5, which promises to finally wrap up the 5 year flashback marathon story of Oliver’s journey from shipwrecked brat to superhero, a lot of fans have been wondering what Season 6 of ‘Arrow’ will look like now that Oliver’s flashbacks will be over. The good news, apparently the creative forces behind the show have already given some thought to the issue, and believe (as I have for some time now), that the show can do just fine without having to delve into flashbacks every week. According to executive producer Wendy Mericle:

According to executive producer Wendy Mericle:

“Moving into Season 6, we’re not calling it a reboot because the show’s still called Arrow and it’s still about Oliver and his team, so that part’s not changing, but we aren’t going to have the flashbacks. It gives us a lot more real estate, a lot more space to hopefully bring in some cool villains and tell some cool character stories — and we have some new characters on the show whose backstories we really haven’t had an opportunity to experience. We saw a little bit of Wild Dog’s, we haven’t seen that much of Dinah’s. If we bring in anybody new or we’d love to have Ragman back at some point as well, we can use the flashback device to tell other people’s kind of islands, if you will. And that part is very exciting.”

I definitely enjoy the idea of getting some smaller flashbacks to the origins of Rene, and Dinah, and maybe even the Black Siren, as we know very little about where those characters come from and it could make for some interesting storytelling. But for the most part I am looking forward to the uncluttered storytelling of no flashbacks in Season 6, as I felt the episodes in Season 5 where they dropped the flashbacks were some of the show’s strongest, and mind you, the flashbacks have been on average pretty good in Season 5. I just think they detract from how much story time we get in the present, and with them gone, we can get more character moments, more story beats, and a better overall episode in the present, and that can only help as the show enters its 6th season.

What do you think of the show dropping flashbacks going into Season 6? Will it still feel like the same show to you? Sound off with your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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