Previously on Eureka – Almost exactly 6 years ago to the day (July 18, 2006) a quirky little show ran its pilot episode; that show was Eureka. Last week the D.O.D. announced it was terminating it’s funding of Global Dynamics and shutting down Eureka permanently. This week we see the end.

Here there be SPOILERS (and crying – lots of crying)….

Allison is having a hard time adjusting to shutting down Eureka. Jack assures her that everything will be ok – they’ve had a great run. He could do without all the catastrophes (especially since he’s the one usually stuck fixing them). Vincent is beside himself with grief and a warehouse full of perishable organic produce. (OMG this is like the last day of summer camp or the last day of Comic Con! You’re walking around and everyone is packing, some are laughing, some are crying, everyone is just busy doing something.)

Jack finds Henry sitting outside. Henry’s lost and upset because no one knows where Grace’s hearing is being held. He doesn’t know what to do. Jack inadvertently sparks an idea in Henry’s noggin. He can find out what the previous timeline Henry was spying about!

Meanwhile at GD – Everyone is hastily packing and moving. Grant Imahara! Grant’s Robot almost trips up Jo as she makes her rounds. She hits another bump in the road when Zane tells her all about his new job offers, none of which would possibly synch with her own offers at Area 51 or Washington D.C. (Why is it SO hard for these two to just say “I love you” and stay together?! UGH!)

Holly gets a clean bill from Allison but she still can’t remember anything after coming to Eureka. Allison suggests she spend some time wandering Eureka to try and spark some memories.

Fargo is in his office mopping like a big kid. Larry points out the bright side – at least they have 6 more weeks to say goodbye. Unfortunately, Robert the moving guy (played by executive producer Matt Hastings) breaks the bad news that the D.O.D. has moved up the moving date to today.

Jack is bringing Zoe home to visit from Harvard. (Aaaaw… This scene is so reminiscent of the first episode! Things were really different back then!)

Back at GD – Fargo decides to take a stand by taking a seat. He plops his little tush down in the middle of the rotunda and uses a strong force amplifier so Jo can’t move him. Until the D.O.D. reverses their decision he shall not be moved – even when Jack’s jeep skids to a halt 3 inches from his head as it mysteriously arrives through a wormhole. (It wouldn’t be Eureka without the strange! Let the fun begin!)

Andy cordons off the wormhole on the road side. Jack questions the cause. Fargo admits the timing of both incidents is odd but he swears his strong force amplifier couldn’t be responsible for the wormhole. To prove it he turns it off… and the wormhole is still there. Jack wonders if there’s anyone that might want to hinder the move. Jo admits there’s a long list of possible suspects. (Nooooo! They’re cutting apart Jack’s jeep to get it out of the rotunda! That jeep just can’t catch a break!)

Henry asks Zane to get the hidden information back regarding the evidence against Grace. The data transfer has already begun but Zane will try.

Jo and Jack pay a visit to the most disgruntled employee at GD – Dr. Parish. He’s top on their list of suspects that might want to stop the move. On the contrary, Dr. Parrish is now the happiest scientist in the place. He’s free to work anywhere he pleases. He points out that everything in his lab has been safely shut down ahead of schedule. If the wormhole is still running then it can’t be anything in his lab.

Zane tries to retrieve the buried information but it almost crashes the data feed. Hopefully he got enough for Henry.

Holly pays a visit to Café Diem. She still can’t believe that Vincent can make absolutely anything and its free. Holly is amazed, “Wow! Wormholes, cyborgs, endless possibility – no wonder you guys love this place.” FLASH! Dr. Parrish now stands fully naked in front of all at the café.

Jack stops by section 5 to see if something of Zane’s could cause the wormholes. Things aren’t packed as well as Dr. Parrish’s lab to its possible something got jostled and activated.

Jack tries to talk to Jo about Zane but LOWJACK!! (Aaaw… I’ve missed that dog!!) If Lowjack is around that means Tagart isn’t far behind! And here he comes!

Allison has taken a better look at Parrish’s burns from the wormhole. It’s as though the first layer of his skin has been removed. This can only mean that the wormholes are beginning to cross.

Lowjack happens to run through a wormhole with Andy in tow. On the other side, Lowjack arrives safely but all that’s left of Any is an arm. (Oh dear – this doesn’t look good.)

Eventually they find all of Andy’s pieces parts.

Henry is able to decipher contact information from the spy data. He’s set up a meet with… BEVERLY! (Henry no! What’s wrong with you?! She’s BAD!!) He begs Beverly to help.

Finally they’ve figured out where the wormholes are coming from. They’re using a quantum teleportation data stream for the data upload. The stabilizer for this stream was shipped earlier in the day! It’s too late to stabilize the wormholes anyway but if they combine them into one they may be able to shut it down.

Fortunately AND unfortunately their plan works. They’re able to bring all the random wormholes together into one but it’s not collapsing as expected.

Henry continues to plead with Beverly. She wants to do the right thing but not THAT right.

Jack suggests they use Fargo’s strong force amplifier. Zane is able to boost it but it only works if its attached to a person – of course it does. Holly remembers something, “Oh oh! I remember now! You guys are smart but the sheriff is the strong force. He holds it all together.” (OMG! I’m bawling like a baby! That was the sweetest tribute to Colin Ferguson EVER!!)

Allison doesn’t want Jack to do it but they don’t have any other options. Jack, “This is what I do.” After one last good luck kiss Jack leaps into the wormhole. Once inside he sees all of the most amazing moment from season’s past. (And the crying continues! There have been SO many amazing, fantastic, UBBER crazy, astounding, remarkable, warm, sad, miraculous, mind-blowing moments in these last 6 years. This very short montage is not enough but it will do. It’ll do.)

Jack falls from the sky to land on the ground next to Archimedes in the town center. His buddy Henry is there to give him a hand up.

Back at GD Holly lets Fargo know she’s been offered a super secret job and she gets to pick her team. (Happy days! Fargo and Holly can stay together!). Fargo gets a call from the secretary of defense. Eureka has been sold! (This is SO evil of the writers! What the frak does that mean? Are y’all hinting that the show really has been sold and could come back elsewhere?!? What a wonderful fancy!)

Grace has been released! The feds received an anonymous tips in exchange for Grace’s release. That information led them to Senator Wyn and evidence that tied her to the abduction of the Astraeus crew.

Zane is a bit confused as to why Andy is taking him to the police station. Once inside he sees Jo behind bars. She got him something. She hands him a shirt box. (Kudos to the writers for taking us back to where these two met.) Inside the box is a another box. Inside that box is a ring. When Zane turns around Jo is on her knees. (Que more crying!) Jo, “What do ya say? Will you make an honest woman out of me?” Zane slowly closes the box (OMG No!!! Zane you can’t turn her down! Please don’t be an ass!) Zane responds “In any time line.” (YAY!) And then they BOTH finally say those three important words “I love you.” (Que the tears again!)

At Café Diem – Vincent is out of champagne but a gentleman outside asked that he pass along a bottle of 1947 Cheval Louis… Dr. Trevor Grant!! Well except these days he’s called Trent Rockwell, a brilliant billionaire that’s just sunk his entire fortune into a ridiculous project with little chance of financial return. He bought Eureka!! And his first decision is to make Henry head of GD!

Later during the celebration, Allison asks Jack to talk. As much as he likes to complain there’s no place he’d rather be than in Eureka. That’s good because there’s no place Allison would rather raise their baby… BABY?!?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaw! (Yup que more crying!)

As a final farewell to the town folk, show creator Jaime Paglia co-wrote the song “You Are My Home,” with Bear McCreary (also known for “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Walking Dead”). They take a trip around Café Diem spotlighting all of the fantastic crew that worked on this amazing show. (The crying continues.) We even get a quick glimpse of Paglia clapping as Dr. Trent “Grant” Rockwell gets in his car to leave. I wish I could name every person that’s ever worked on this project but there just isn’t room. Please take a moment to read the credits on the show or go look out on IMDB or better yet buy the DVD! It truly has been an amazing and creative show.

We end the way it all began with Jack and Zoe driving in the rain. These two have come a long way. When the show opened he wasn’t the best father and she was a juvenile delinquent on the run. Now he not only has her in his life but two other fantastic children and a new one on the way and she is going to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard. Life can be crazy sometimes! And speaking of crazy… some guy’s got his high beams on – yaaaaa they took us back to the very beginning to see themselves entering Eureka for the first time.

Thank you to all of the exceptional talent that made this show possible. Thank you to Syfy for airing it. Goodbye Eureka. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” You made me laugh. You made me cry. You made me squee like a fan girl at comic con. I will miss you.

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