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One of the best parts about Netflix bringing back ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is that we now get to see the wacky show’s opinion of modern day movies and TV shows, and when both of those shows are owned and distributed by Netflix, things get even better because that means there are no restrictions.

Such is the case with ‘Mystery Science Theater’ releasing a clip of them watching the opening to ‘Stranger Things,’ where they hilariously discuss everything from the opening titles (“It’s ‘Star Wars’ in reverse!’) to Hopper’s missing nipple, to their relief at the man finally finished being dressed after watching him get ready. Sadly, they only go over the first couple of minutes of ‘Stranger Things’ (basically the whole scene of Hopper waking up and getting ready from the pilot episode) in this clip, but I’m sure their comments on the rest of the oddities of the season (Will’s mom and the Christmas lights, Will’s brother stalking everyone with a camera to name a few examples) would be great fodder for ‘Mystery Science Theater’ comedy.

It’s cross-promotion at its finest and I’m ok with it, because it is hilarious. They point out some of the endearing foibles of ‘Stranger Things,’ and showcase the fact that ‘Mystery Science Theater’ has not lost its footing when it comes to comedy and making amazing comments. It does its job in that I kind of want to watch both shows again now (and I just finished ‘Stranger Things’ a few months ago).

Check out the clip for yourself (above), and let us know your thoughts on this cross-over-ish event in the comments section below. And for more on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 which is set to premiere this coming Halloween, check out the Superbowl teaser below!

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