It is coming out as news that Michael Dorn will not be showing up on ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’ While my instant reaction is how would it be news that Worf wouldn’t wouldn’t appear on a Star Trek show set so far prior to ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ but it seems like discussions were happening for Dorn to join the cast, just not as his iconic character. The reason he isn’t appearing on CBS’s All Access upcoming series boils down to money as it seems all sides were briefly considering it.

The news came from Orlando Sentinel theater critic Matt Palm of all places where he said:

“I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Mr. Dorn did not say he was going to be on the new Star Trek show. In fact, he went to great lengths explaining why he would not be on the new show – that there had been interest expressed, but he was not offered enough money. He said they had offered him less than 1 percent of what he made in his last contract as Worf.”

Considering he spent quite a few years on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ as a major character instead of what sounds like a small part, it should be no surprise that the amount offered would be much lower. It looks like this would have been at most a cameo as another character, likely an ancestor of Worf which he had previously done in ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’ as it was another of Worf’s ancestors who was defending Kirk and McCoy in their trial.

While there is precedent for this to have happened, I think we can all agree that the only way we should see Dorn back is if ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ actually is an anthology series and one of the future seasons has a focus on Worf as the captain of his own ship which is what was long pitched as a series.

Are you sad to hear that we almost had Micahel Dorn back in the Star Trek franchise or would this cameo have taken you out of the moment in the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek Movie

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