You would think that saving the day might have been an uplifting experience for David Harbour‘s Sheriff Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things‘ but it looks like the second season will pose new challenges to the hero. We know that he missed a lot of the events dealing with the Upside Down from the first season and while we saw him leaving out Eggos for Eleven, he still didn’t take all of the children’s tales of what happened to heart. In fact, by feeling primarily responsible for saving the day, we’re going to see a refreshed Hopper that is no longer in a downward spiral as he was in the first season.

However, that isn’t fully a good thing as in a recent interview for his upcoming ‘Mogul‘ the actor revealed that:

“Hop starts Season 2 in a completely different place than Season 1. He saved Will and has found a renewed interest in life. So his arc for Season 2 in my mind becomes more about butting up against the places where his hero fantasy can’t take him. The places where that hero complex may force him to make the wrong decisions. It’s a satisfying, completely different journey in Season 2.”

Too much confidence and not enough skill could be a big downfall for someone in the position of being a sheriff that is meant to help others. While it will be happy to see him finally recovering from the loss of his daughter and the fallout which ended his marriage, the choice this happier Hopper will make aren’t necessarily going to be the best ones.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long for his return either as Harbour will be back in the first episode of the second season:

“I’ve seen a lot of episode 1 and have seen a lot of the shooting at the monitor, and I can honestly say that I am so excited for you all to see this season. It’s so fun and dark and complex. The characters all get to deepen and develop and we get to take on even greater demons (inner and outer). Thanks for loving Hop, I love him too.”

I think we’re all looking forward to season the second season of ‘Stranger Things, ‘ and even though the story is centered around the kids, you can’t help but have enjoyed Sheriff Hopper as well.

Are you happy to hear that David Harbour’s character will be in a better place this time around in ‘Stranger Things’ or does the fact that it could lead somewhere harmful for him have you down? Share your thoughts below!

Start stocking up on the Eggos as all nine episodes of the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ will stream on Netflix starting October 31st, 2017!

Source: Screen Rant

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