We haven’t heard much about the ‘Six Billion Dollar Man‘ movie but Mark Wahlberg was asked about it during CinemaCon and actually had a few details to share! From the script looking to be done and some details about the outfit, it seems that the star from the upcoming ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ was being pretty open with details. The film sounds as if is set to start production this Fall, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing quite a bit more in the upcoming months once his press tour for the next Transformers movie kicks off.

When talking about the film, Wahlberg stated:

“We finally got the script for The Six Billion Dollar Man. Now that’s not your typical superhero because I will not put on a cape nor a spandex outfit, but the script is amazing.

The script is amazing. We’ve been developing it for quite some time and finally got it to where we want to go shoot the movie, so hopefully, we will shoot in the fall.”

Based off of the 70s series the ‘Six Million Dollar Man,’ we’ll be getting an updated version of the character set for modern times. In the original, we followed Colonel Steve Austin who was an astronaut turned spy when the government put bionic implants into his body giving him incredible strength. Not only was he not known for wearing a costume, the biggest stretch of one was either when he hung out in his NASA uniform to relive his glory days or the red track suit which he was known for.

A reboot has been in the works since 1995 with many directors and actors ranging from Kevin Smith working on it to a comedy which would have starred Jim Carrey. Thankfully, none of these came to fruition though Wahlberg has the right kind of character acting to make this a serious action film that could also poke a bit of fun at itself and the genre without being distracting.

Are you looking forward to hearing more about the ‘Six Billion Dollar Man?’ What do you think of the involvement of Mark Wahlberg as the leading character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book

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