Sir Ian McKellen (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,”Beauty and the Beast’) isn’t done playing Gandalf the Grey quite yet and plans on returning to the role one last time! Only, it won’t be on the big screen as he is set to play the part as well as many of his other past characters in a one-man stage show titled ‘Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others & You.’

McKellen has tackled many parts in his over 50 years of acting on both the stage and screen but it is clearly his parts as Magneto in Fox’s ‘X-Men‘ franchise and the wizard Gandalf in the both the ‘Lord of the Ring’ and ‘The Hobbit‘ franchises which have laid his claim to fame in the genre.

There is no word as to if he’ll be playing Magneto in this show as well.

The one-man show is only set to run from July 3rd to July 9th at London’s Park Theatre. The theater looks to need $300,000 in donations to keep its doors open so one would suspect that this, combined with the limited run, will mean tickets that are a little pricey.

However, fans of McKellen will likely justify it as worth it. Not just for a good cause but audience members will have some time with the actor sharing private moments from his work. He’ll be talking about his interactions with other known actors, directors, and have a Q&A session with those in the audience. In some instances, audience members will even be asked to join him on stage to help with part of the performance.

Would you attend Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others & You’ if you had the money and were in the area? What question would you have for the famed actor? Outside of Magneto and Gandalf what part would you like to see him reenact? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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