deadpool 2

Did ‘Deadpool 2’ recently unveil a major spoiler about the upcoming film in the latest trailer? Ever since the first real trailer dropped for ‘Deadpool 2’ it has been clear that a major plot point in the film has been that Deadpool is trying to protect “the kid” (played by Julian Dennison) from Cable, who, similar to his comic roots, appears to have traveled back in time to change the future. And judging by the scenes and dialogue in the trailer, Cable’s mission pretty clearly seems to be to kill “the kid,” which is what Deadpool is trying to prevent him from doing. But who exactly is this “kid?” And how important could he be that his death could alter the future for Cable?

In the latest trailer (stitched together on Sunday night during AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ and ‘The Talking Dead,’), the name of “the kid” is finally revealed to be “Russell,” which, along with the fact that we have seen him wield some kind of pyrokinetic powers, maybe have finally shed some light on who exactly he is. In the comics, there is a character named Russell Collins, a mutant with pyrokinesis, with a long history with X-Factor and Magneto, and he is looking to be the most likely candidate. He was introduced in 1986 in ‘X-Factor #1,’ where he was rescued from military police by X-Factor after his powers manifested while he was serving in the navy. Russell joined X-Factor and was part of that team before joining X-Terminators and then the New Mutants, but eventually he went down a darker path when he was brainwashed and joined the Mutant Liberation Front. Fortunately for him, Magneto rescued him from the brainwashing and Russell joined Magneto’s Acolytes, but not long after, Russell was killed by a mutant named Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. If this is the Russell they are using in ‘Deadpool 2,’ clearly they are changing some things up as he is much younger, and more important if Cable thinks his death will fix the future, but I suppose we’ll have to wait till ‘Deadpool 2’ hits theaters next month to find out what is really going on.

Do you have any other theories as to who Russell might be? Or do you think it might be a brand new mutant invented for the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!