‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ underwent a lot of revisions, as we know from the trailers that came out before the film which featured mostly footage that was NOT in the actual movie.  Now that the film is long gone from theaters and due to be released on Blu-Ray (and DVD and digital, of course), some behind-the-scenes info is emerging.

Alan Tudyk provided the motion capture performance for reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO, while Hal Hickel served as the animation supervisor for the character.  Both were on hand recently and spilled the beans on the original destruction of this noble droid.

Tudyk excitedly explained:

Powerless - Season 1“As it was, we went into the building, the base, and then we never came out; I never came out. But we moved from the base to [another] base. We had to travel. So we had to be part of that war. The good thing about that was I got to go to the Maldives. Then also, I got to be part of a battle, which was so cool.

This is how they shoot things in Star Wars. We’re running down a beach where there’s explosions. This was built actually in London. There’s all these troops, all these Alliance troops. They have a ship on a crane coming over us with that monkey dude on that gun on the side going ‘Ahhhh! Ahhh!’, screaming and shooting. It flies over us, touches down almost. Things are going ksh-ksh, blowing smoke out of the bottom as it touches down. Troops unload from either side, hub-hub, they join the flight. We’re still running while this is happening. Guys are next to me getting launched. The stuntmen are – explosions – and launching in the air, jumping with cables pulling them up. Oh my God! If you wanna play Star Wars battle – while we’re running towards there’s Stormtroopers – like the best version of playing Star Wars, you could never have come up with this. Because I think it was $1.5 million just to do that one thing. Oh my God, it was so cool. All cut, but who gives a shit?”

Hickel confirmed a previously revealed story that the plans the heroes had to locate were in a second, separate building and that K-2SO would have died before entering the second building.  Not only that, but rather than being killed by Stormtroopers as he was in the cinematic cut, he would have been taken down by the blaster of Big Bad Cape Enthusiast Director Krinnec (Ben Mendelsohn).

Tudyk and Hickel indicated that they filmed the original version and that it was changed during the editing process.

You can listen to the actual interview below:


Which version do you think is better?  Are you happy with K-2SO’s on-screen death?  Or does this alternate version sound better?

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ will be available to purchase on Friday, March 24.

Source: /Film