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Neil Marshall (‘Game of Thrones’) has a huge set of fans to make happy when the rebooted ‘Hellboy‘ debuts and Ian McShane shares a bit about how that might happen. In the movie, we know that McShane will take on the role of Professor Broom, someone who will both guide and watch over Hellboy. With intimate knowledge of the script and the importance the film will have with existing and new audiences, McShane gave an insight into what will be different and what could remain the same.

For starters, there will be a bit of a difference in the dynamic that Broom and Hellboy have with one another in the reboot:

“You don’t start with the birth of Hellboy… but the relationship between [Hellboy and Broom] is quite crusty. Does he trust his father? [Hellboy asks], ‘Why didn’t you kill me? I’m a monster.’ It’s a little bit of a psychological battle against Hellboy.


There’s one important moment in [the film] when [Hellboy] sort of thinks he’s fighting his own people, the outsiders. So, he’s being used by the insiders, which is me, if you like.”

This should put the two in an exciting place where they’re at odds with one another while still likely love one another in the father and son relationship which has been fostered throughout the history of the characters.

As to the fighting of his own people, this is likely referring to when Hellboy will go up against “giants and demons“.

This isn’t to say that we won’t see a character completely different from John Hurt‘s performance though. The two were friends in real life prior to the tragic passing of Hurt:

“I’m sort of playing this part as a slight homage to John [Hurt]. I mean, I’m not playing it like him, obviously… but the relationship [with Hellboy] is very much the same.”

I don’t expect McShane to at all play the character in the same way as Hurt did for a variety of reasons. While we’ll likely see a younger version of Broom here, it should be interesting to see if he channels the actor at all.

Are you looking forward to the release of ‘Hellboy’? Do you think that Ian McShane will nail this role? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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