‘Star Wars Celebration’ kicks off next month in Orlando and fans should expect to get their first look at what could possibly be 2017’s most anticipated film, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, Chapter VIII of the most popular movie franchise in history.  But Disney shareholders got a special sneak peek at a meeting in Denver, Colorado, where Disney CEO Bob Iger presented them with the first bits of footage which picked up after the close of 2015’s ‘The Force Awakens”, with Rey handing Luke Skywalker his long-lost lightsabre.

Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller was on hand and tweeted the proceedings yesterday:

However, Iger had more in store.  Obviously Luke was going to take the lightsaber, right? Miller continued to tweet the clips that Iger presented:

It seems that fans were particularly intrigued by the appearance by the recently departed Carrie Fisher in her last go-round as Leia Organa.  After being besieged by inquiries, Miller posted:

And finally, a little update on Finn:

Another element that some are pouncing on is the idea that Luke has to ask Rey who she is.  Being the last Jedi master he is, shouldn’t Luke know?  Fan theories have run wild since the release of ‘The Force Awakens’ including that Rey is Luke’s daughter or a pupil at the Jedi Academy betrayed by Ben Solo/Kylo Ren.  If either of these were the case, Luke should recognize her.  In fact, since Rey has proven adept at The Force, it would make sense that Luke could sense her even if they aren’t directly connected or related, as was the case with Snoke and Kylo Ren in the last movie. In fact, enterprising fan John DeMayo pulled out the script to ‘The Force Awakens’ and highlighted a line that implies that Luke already knows who Rey is, despite his inquiry:

Is Luke PRETENDING not to recognize her?  If that is the case, that invites all sorts of possibilities.  (Keep in mind, Yoda sort of lied to Luke for quite some time about his identity as part of a test.)

But all these seems to be explained as a more detailed description is said that Luke utters these words while in a cave and not to Rey when she handed him the lightsaber as it has been led to believe.

/Film was able to get a more detailed description of the footage and reported what was actually screened to the shareholders:

  • An interior shot from Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring Luke Skywalker (in some sort of cave or maybe one of the stone huts seen on his island?) saying “Who are you?”
  • Poe Dameron in his X-Wing yelling “It’s now or never” as it cuts back to BB-8.
  • Fighters flying through a line-up of the Resistance fleet – had a feel similar to Rogue One over Scarif.
  • Chewbacca roars.
  • A shot of Captain Phasma.
  • Finn dressed as a First Order Officer on the bridge of a First Order ship.
  • Several shots of Rey igniting and spinning Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Rey’s hand, in slow motion, with all five fingertips touching the ground and pebbles and dirt hovering around her hand.
  • Leia turning to the camera with a hologram of the fleet behind her
  • An X-wing flying into a hangar, possibly the Resistance’s since it looked like another X-wing was parked there – with the nose of the X-wing flaring/popping upwards as the X-wing braked quickly in the air.
  • There was also a wide shot of the island, with Rey out on the point of a ridge practicing with her lightsaber as Luke is farther up the ridge, looking down towards her.

These might just be descriptions and expect something more concrete next month, but for the time being, how does this whet your appetite for a return to the main ‘Star Wars’ canon?

Source: /Film