Steven Spielberg recently dished out news that he disliked the ending of ‘War of the Worlds‘ and never really understood it, but it looks like ‘Hook’ is the movie he created that he enjoys the least. It wasn’t just the creative process that he didn’t enjoy, but the iconic director doesn’t even like the movie which many considered a cult classic.

It first came up years ago when he stated that “I want to see Hook again. I still don’t like that movie. I’m hoping some day I’ll see it again and perhaps like some of it.”

However, it wasn’t until recently that he truly elaborated on the experience. Spielberg was recently asked if there were times that he didn’t get the material while shooting a film and admitted that “I’ve made a few films like that.” There is a good chance that ‘War of the Worlds’ was one of these movies, but when it comes to ‘Hook’:

“I felt like a fish out of water making Hook. I didn’t have confidence in the script. I had confidence in the first act, and I had confidence in the epilogue. I didn’t have confidence in the body of it.


I didn’t quite know what I was doing, and I tried to paint over my insecurity with production value, the more insecure I felt about it, the bigger and more colorful the sets became.”

While ‘Hook’ has many fans out there, the director himself was not one of them.

Do you agree with Steven Spielberg that ‘Hook’ didn’t work? Was the director’s talent so good that you loved the movie and didn’t find any real flaws in it? If you didn’t like the film, what was unenjoyable for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Den Of Geek