With the release of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ‘Rampage’ movie only a few short months away, the marketing train is going full speed for the movie about the nostalgic 1980’s arcade game with the giant monsters. The latest trailer is for the international market, where Johnson performs the best, and as such he appears at the beginning speaking to the Japanese audience the trailer is intended for, talking about how Japan is home to the best Kaiju films ever known, and how ‘Rampage’ is perfect for them as it features massive animals turned into monsters wreaking havoc across urban areas. He even utters a few phrases in Japanese, though I have no idea what he actually said. The video then switches to the actual international trailer, which is cut to the classic Smashing Pumpkins song ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings,’ which seems pretty apt with the momentum, adrenaline, and pace of the trailer. And while the Japanese voice-over announces the film and its release date (sadly for Japan, they will not see the film until May 2018, about a month after American audiences), we get to see the 3 monsters of the film, flying wolf Ralph, massive white gorilla George, and monstrous crocodile Lizzie lay waste to Chicago while Dwayne Johnson runs around (and flies around in a helicopter) trying to stop the carnage.

I’m not saying it is going to be a great film, but as with most of The Rock’s movies, it is likely going to be pretty entertaining, and a lot of fun, and a nice break following all the heavy Award-season films that have been coming out as of late. What are your thoughts on the new international trailer for ‘Rampage?’ Will you be checking it out when it hits theaters? Share your thoughts in the comments below!