edge-of-venomverseThe symbiotes are coming to Marvel in a big way this June as the ‘Edge of Venomverse’ 5-part in continuity mini-series is ready to kick off! This event will give us another example of Marvel’s heroes being infected by symbiotes that will pit hero against villain against hero in a battle royale! Eddie Brock might be getting to be Venom once on the upcoming ‘Venom’ #150 more but he won’t be the only one returning as this promo teases Deadpool, Iron Man, X-23, Ghost Rider, a few unknown heroes, and Wolverine all infected.

Yes, I just said Wolverine. While we know he is planned to be returning to comics in the near future it seems like it could be sooner than later if this cover is correct. Looking over at the left side of this cover you can clearly see what looks to be Logan in his classic uniform there which would hint that this isn’t Old Man Logan bonding with a symbiote. That being said, this could just be an example of the artist paying tribute to the character as we haven’t heard any official confirmation from Marvel that the original Logan will be back prior to the June release of this event.

We’ve previously seen Deadpool bonded to one but for most of these heroes, in canon at least, this will be a first.

We don’t have too many details of what to expect quite yet but know that “this in-continuity series brings you deadly new Venom combinations, giving fans dream matchups from some of comics’ hottest creators!”

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s heroes becoming part of the Venomized Variant Program? Do you think that they will be friend or foe once bonded with these alien creatures? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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