Knowing that Wolverine has lost his healing factor, can die, and is in a story arc called ‘Killable’ the series should be much more exciting than it is. Sadly Marvel had had a tendency of dropping tidbits of their upcoming story lines which ruin the current ones they have running.

This is one of those examples. I won’t say what the spoiler is in this review but if you want to know where the comic is going you can read about it here and be annoyed by what happens next.

In the previous issue we had Wolverine facing off against several of the ninjas from a portion of the Hand that Sabertooth runs. Ninjas previously were a minor annoyance to our berzerker friend but since he can no longer just heal through the swords and stars that are tearing at his skin, they’ve become a lot more dangerous. On top of that they’ve set a trap that locks him in with innocent civilians so that his life isn’t the only one at stake. The entire point is that lives are at stake and their deaths are on Wolverine.

Which only ups the ante once Lord Deathstrike jumps into the mix (even though to be honest he doesn’t do a whole lot here.) Could things possibly get worse? Of course they can! When Kitty tries to save the day by phasing through a wall and is knocked back from a force field that is keeping her in place. Oh, did I mention that both mutants and humans get drugged as well?

No easy way out this time. Sabertooth really has all of the angles covered here and Logan has fallen smack dab in the middle of his trap. That’s gotta sting. The issue ending with them still in the mall should really be bothering me at this point but when you see who ends up joining the party you’ll be a little eager for the next issue as we’re finally going to see one of the fights that will be worth it as we lead towards the eventual showdown with Sabertooth himself.

Now. This issue is decent but it’s clearly a filler issue that is stuck in the middle of this story arc. We have mutant hating humans who need to be protected by the mutansts. We have enemies that would usually be dead by now that Wolverine can’t just take down at risk to himself. We have a lot of things that could be leading to something good on their own but just feels forced together.

I’m hoping the fight that will kick off the next issue will re-catch my interest. Knowing and being unhappy about where the series will be going after this story arc I really just want to get to the climax at this point and see Logan go head to head against his arch nemesis as I suspect I’ll be losing interest for awhile after that fight plays out on page.

Hopefully Marvel can prove me wrong.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis