BSS_001_COVER_BODENHEIM-640x972We knew that ‘Bloodshot Salvation’ was going to be part of the “Icons” from Valiant Entertainment and today we’ve learned quite a bit about the series. Not only that, but we have a slew of preview panels to share with you today in order to get an idea of what to expect when the first issue is out! Penned by “New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Bloodshot Reborn, Moon Knight)” we’ll see the book’s art done by Lewis LaRosa who is doing the present day scens while Mico Suayan is set to give us the character in the future.

Oh, and it’ll also contain the first appearance of Bloodshot’s daughter Jessie who they are describing as “a major new force in the Valiant pantheon.” It sounds like this is not one to miss for the Bloodshot fans out there!

New character introductions can always be tricky and when you also add in the fact that she’ll be related to an existing one and that it’ll take place in the future just complicates things even worse. Timeline continuity is something that we’ve seen all of the comic creators have issues with as you’ll either have to retcon something later or always keep what you’ve already written for the future in mind and work the overall story up to it.

This book will be about family which is the opposite of most of Bloodshot’s tale to date as according to Lemire:

“I think anyone who becomes a parent, their worldview instantly changes. [Bloodshot] is no different. Being this character that comes from such a history of violence and has so much violence built into him, I think that would be terrifying. You wouldn’t want to bring that into your child’s life at all. I think that tension is exactly what the book is kind of about.”

Things are never that easy though as Bloodshot’s girlfriend Magic has a family who doesn’t want her to have a happily ever after. Think “a cruel and sadistic clan of white supremacist criminals” who want their daughter back which is where the violence begins. Fast forward eight years, and we also have Bloodshot’s daughter inheriting her father’s powers with a kill squad named Omen trying to track her down.

Two timelines will converge to tell the next tale of ‘Bloodshot, ‘ and it sounds like we’re in for something special.

You can check out a slew of preview pages from the upcoming book below!








I love the super science-fictiony feel that the title is giving us from these panels and am eager to see how the world has gotten to the future that we’re being shown. I’m also curious as to if it will be one that can be prevented.

Are you looking forward to ‘Bloodshot Salvation’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Bloodshot Salvation’ #1 will be available in comic shops everywhere in September!

Source: Valiant Entertainment.

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