I’m not sure you could anger ‘Star Trek’ fans any more if you were actively trying to do so. Now, on top of all the problems and drama already associated with ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ the delayed releases, missing the big anniversary, losing the original showrunner, delayed casting, not releasing the show on CBS proper, demanding that viewers get CBS All-Access if they want to watch… it seems CBS is not quite done messing with Trekkies. Now, they’re pushing back the release of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ AGAIN!

According to CBS President Les Moonves, the show will premiere in“sometime [in] late summer, early fall,” which is pretty incredible considering that at one point the show was going to be premiering in January of this year. I mean at what point do the fans give up on this show? I know they want to believe in another ‘Star Trek’ series, but the original vision has been compromised with the showrunner gone, clearly CBS and Moonves are desperately trying to take advantage of the fan devotion by demanding they watch on that ridiculous CBS All-Access app – it just feels like it is not really going to be the ‘Star Trek’ experience it once was. And how does Les Moonves explain the decision to rip off thousands of ‘Star Trek’ fans by demanding they pay for his worthless CBS All-Access app?

“There are millions and millions of Trekkies out there. We know for a fact that the other versions of Star Trek… all did really well on Netflix. That gave us great confidence that this was the right choice to put the full-court press on All Access.”

This is how out of touch CBS and Moonves in particular are. He thinks that people watching ‘Star Trek’ on Netflix, which offers thousands of choices besides ‘Star Trek,’ will be willing to pay a similar fee for CBS All Access so they can watch ONE SHOW. I get that there are a few other exclusive CBS shows like ‘The Good Fight,’ but come on, $6 a month for a handful of shows is a rip-off. If Moonves honestly thinks it even compares to paying $8 or $9 a month for Netflix which offers thousands of shows and movies, the man better start taking his pills again. And if there continues to be production delays, problems behind the scenes, and other such issues, there won’t be any confidence in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to even warrant giving it a try, much less shelling out money every month to watch it.

Here’s hoping that ‘Discovery’ somehow survives this disastrous business decision for their first season and CBS allows the second season to stream a little more freely across the airwaves.

Source: TV Line

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