The man may not want to work on DC’s ‘The Batman‘ film, but that does not mean he’s staying away from comic book projects entirely.  Kevin Smith is going to be back in the director’s chair for a second episode of ‘Supergirl’ this season following his initial outing titled ‘Supergirl Lives’ which was the Winter Premiere of the series (of course, if I had the choice between the grueling slog of a directing one of the films of the collapsing DCEU or hopping back into the fun world of the CW/DC TV shows, I’d do the same thing).

Smith’s episodes in the CW/DC universe have been well-received, as so far he has directed 2 episodes of ‘The Flash’ (Season 2’s ‘The Runaway Dinosaur‘ and Season 3’s ‘Killer Frost’) and the aforementioned episode of ‘Supergirl,’ and he seems to mesh really well with the world and the actors. And to make things even more exciting, this time around Smith’s episode involves fan favorite Lynda Carter, who you might remember as TV’s Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince, who appeared in an earlier episode of ‘Supergirl’ as the President of the United States, Olivia Marsdin, and even had a casual reference to her former superhero life, when Supergirl complimented her private plane, and Carter replied that Supergirl should see her other jet, a nod to Wonder Woman’s invisible plane from her other series.

Smith’s excitement over working with Carter is palpable, which is evident by the pictures he posted this week to Instragram showing him on set with the woman. He also posted another picture showing off some Daxamite technology, which could be a clue that the episode might further delve into the backstory of Mon El and his strange alien connections, which has only been hinted at so far this season. Check out the Instagram shots for yourself below:

Are you excited to see Smith behind the wheel of another episode of ‘Supergirl’ so soon? Do you like Lynda Carter as President on ‘Supergirl?’ Do you have any theories on what Mon El’s secrets could be on the show? Share your thoughts, opinions and theories down in the comments below!

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