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When the original ‘Twin Peaks‘ aired we had a novel drop titled ‘The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer’ in 1990 that now seems to be getting an audiobook version. Written by Jennifer Lynch, the audio book is rumored to be happening and if it is true, Sheryl Lee will be reading it. Lee, if you recall, has voiced Laura Palmer in previous installments. While the rumor spread initially from the tweet that I’m about to share, it was later retweeted by series co-creator Mark Frost which seems to lend some credibility.

Again, this isn’t guaranteed to be happening but with Frost having retweeted the announcement, I think we can expect an official word sooner than later. Many fans have wanted an audiobook of this to go along with the others for years so with the series getting ready to return on Showtime it seems like the perfect time for a release to be announced.

Are you looking forward to this audiobook adaptation? If you’ve read ‘The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer,’ how important do you feel it is for ‘Twin Peaks’ fans to read or listen to it? Share your thoughts below!

Original Novel Synopsis:

Laura Palmer was introduced to television audiences in the opening scenes of “Twin Peaks”–as a beautiful dead girl, wrapped in plastic. Now available in print for the first time in many years (and in e-book for the very first time!), THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER chronicles Laura’s life from age 12 to her death at 17, and is filled with secrets, character references, and even clues to the identity of her eventual killer. Fans of the show will love seeing their favorite characters again, and Laura’s diary makes compelling reading as she turns from a naive freshman having her first kiss to a “bad girl” experimenting with drugs, sex, and the occult.

“As seen by” Jennifer Lynch, creator David Lynch’s daughter, THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER is authentic, creepy, and a perfect book for anyone who loves supernatural suspense.

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