Legends-of-the-hidden temple

It appears that Hollywood has figured out that there isn’t much gold left to mine in eighties nostalgia and is looking at times a little more recent. Nickelodeon is hoping to cash in on the fact that their audience of millennials who grew up watching their original programming on TV is not in their twenties (or older) and are taste-makers.  Netflix realized this and has scored big time with ‘Fuller House’ a revival of the classic TGIF sitcom.  Now, Nickelodeon is revisiting the classic 90s game show ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ for a new project.

Unfortunately, the network isn’t bringing it back in its original format– a game show which pitted four teams of two against one another in a quiz show/obstacle course competition.  Rather, they are borrowing the story behind the game for a TV movie.

As reported:

In “Hidden Temple,three siblings must conquer a series of obstacles to remain alive, mirroring the theme of the original game show. The TV movie, slated to appear in the fourth quarter of 2016, will nod to other elements from the original show, including Olmec, a talking head who knows the secrets behind the temple; the Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple and launching pad for the mission; and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar and silver snakes, among others. Isabela Moner, known from her role on Nick’s “100 Things to Do Before High School,” will star.  The TV movie is directed by Joe Menendez and written by Jonny Umansky, Zach Hyatt, and Alex Reid.

The announcement for ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’, came along with one which stated the network is also planning two TV movies based on the 90s animated series ‘Hey Arnold’.

The original game show version of ‘Hidden Temple’ aired from 1993-95 before entering syndication.  It’s reported that Nickelodeon may bring back the game show if the movie does well.

Are you ready for ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ as a movie?  What other 90s Nick shows should be brought back?

Sources: Variety