Not being a fan of reboots I can’t really take this as bad news but anyone who was looking forward to a new take on either ‘Charmed‘ or ‘Lost Boys‘ will have to wait until at least 2018 to get their fix.

Nostalgia means a lot these days and The CW wants to cash in a bit with both of these shows. If you were somehow stuck under a rock from 1998-2006, ‘Charmed’ was the long-running WB series about witches and the 1987 film ‘The Lost Boys’ is a cult classic which Rob Thomas has a pretty creative idea for. Both of these shows are actually being rebooted in previous time periods with ‘Charmed’ taking place in 1976 and ‘The Lost Boys’ jumping back to 1967.

So, why the delay?

It boils down to the fact that The CW has already picked up 6 pilots for the upcoming season which is the number of shows that they went with last year. It doesn’t help that the script for ‘Charmed’ wasn’t quite up to snuff and they’re hoping the added nearly year of development time will help them really flesh out the story.

All we really know about ‘Charmed’ is that it is a prequel to the original series, though any actual crossover content between the two is fully up in the air and we won’t know if there is a direct connection built into the show or not.

With ‘Lost Boys’ having been planned as an anthology show where each season takes place in a different era, they’ve got big things in store for a seven season show which will still need the pilot picked up to series order and get the ratings to see the idea through. Honestly, the second season of this is ripe for a ‘Charmed’ crossover if the witches can make it out to wherever our vampires end up calling home in the 70s.

Are you sad to hear about the delays of either ‘Charmed’ or ‘Lost Boys’ or are you glad that we don’t have another reboot on the horizon? Share your thoughts below!

Source: THR

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