We’re all pretty excited to hear that Matt Nix is working with Bryan Singer on an X-Men themed series which sounds as if it will partially relate to the cinematic universe and now Nix is starting to share details about the show. While he doesn’t give specifics on who we’ll see and what it is about, there are plenty of hints as to what we can expect.

The first and foremost question on everyone’s mind though is if we’ll see any actors from the films show up? As Marvel has sway in this one we know that he can’t outright give an answer to that but his response does assure us of one thing:

“I would actually be killed. They would literally kill me.

The only thing that I would say is that it’s a…some of those things are slightly up in the air, but the fact that it’s a question I can’t answer tells you something.

Suffice it to say it’s a show that contains some characters that fans will be excited about. I can’t talk about specifics, but it’s not like there are no X-Men in it.”

So, it looks like we’ll be seeing some familiar faces for X-Men fans but if those are ones from the films or just that comic readers are familiar with is still a bit vague. I’m hoping that the actors in the current set of movies are open to expanding their roles and showing up on a television series as well, especially those with minor roles like Jubilee, but only time will tell there.

That isn’t all he shared about the show either! For those who haven’t been following news on the project, Nix also gave a brief overall of the plot followed by the tone which we can expect:

“I’m trying to parse exactly what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say… It’s a story that definitely comes at the world of mutants from the side. One of the things that’s come out [publicly] is the idea of a family that discovers their kids are mutants and has to go on the run. The movies and the comics have generally started with the X-Men and encountered the world outside from the perspective of the X-Men. This show flips that on its head, in the sense that it doesn’t exclusively take place inside the world of people who are already X-Men and know that world.

It’s also, I’d say, a more intimate story, in the sense that’s what television does well. So I’d say it also explores issues surrounding mutants and what that experience is in a way that’s hard to do in a two-hour movie because [a movie] needs to move very quickly and needs to get to big action. So we can explore some of the more intimate aspects of that over time. Does that make sense? I wish I could give you more…”

I think that this is a fascinating direction to take the series which appears to show us more of the fallout of being a mutant on a personal level. We all know that they end up away from their families to join the X-Men but what does it mean to be away from their friends and lives while on the run from the government? It seems like there will be some interesting aspects looked at here.

Are you excited for Matt Nix’s X-Men project? What network do you hope it lands on? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: CNet

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