With the release of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2‘ just around the corner, there is a slew of interviews happening and one of these has given way to a potential ‘Groot‘ spin-off movie! It actually wasn’t during talks about the upcoming return to Marvel’s surprise blockbuster hit but while Vin Diesel was making the rounds for ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.’

In an interview with MTV, talk turned to Diesel’s work as Groot where he mentioned that not only has he already spoken with James Gunn about a Groot film, but that a spin-off almost seemed “inevitable”. While it may be a bit further down the line it is absolutely something to be excited for.

Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

“It’s something that James Gunn has talked about and something that I knew he would love to do. Sure, I think it could be very interesting. I think it’s inevitable. That character is so enigmatic and he was already one of the most unique characters in the Marvel universe, and I think what Marvel has done, and what James Gunn has done to realize that character, has exceeded beyond anyone’s expectations. It’s just such an interesting character and there’s so much to learn about him. I’d love to go back to his planet and learn more about him, and I think the world would too. He’s really a genius, on a lot of levels, but we can only hear him say ‘I am Groot’ because of our sophistication level.”

It is hard to tell what direction they would go with the film. There have previously been standalone works with Groot though he has probably stood out the best in the ‘Rocket Raccoon & Groot’ series which has paired the two most unlikely of friends in their own books and would translate great to the big screen. It is hard to tell here if they’d go with the buddy movie route but it almost sounds like they were aiming for a bit more of just Groot.

You can check out the interview below:

Would you be happy to see a Groot spin-off film or would you prefer he team up on an adventure with Rocket Raccoon? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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