Well,  somewhat bad news for those hoping for a quick and easy resolution to the Ben Affleck/ ‘Batman’ movie issues currently going on, it seems that production on the film has officially been pushed, but no one is quite sure how long just yet, the best answer is that it has been pushed for a few months, meaning they might start shooting summer of 2017, which of course would make it a somewhat tight turnaround if they are really trying to hit their original release date in 2018. I’m not saying it cannot be done, I’m just saying Ben Affleck has made it clear he does not want to be rushed, so I am very doubtful that the original release date is going to stay accurate now, but at least, for the moment, it does seem like he is going to stay onboard.

According to an interview he had recently with IGN while promoting ‘Live by Night,’ Affleck still seems very optimistic and hopeful for the ‘Batman’ movie:

“I’m really excited. There’s great stuff in it now. It just needs to get better and better…It’s the same way I felt about this movie [Live By Night] as I was prepping it…but it took me a year plus to get this movie ready to launch. Hopefully it won’t take me that long for Batman, but we’re working. I think we’re ahead of the curve, and we’re excited.”

Of course, some skeptics out there are saying that Affleck is playing his cards close to his chest, and might be waiting to see how ‘Justice League’ turns out to decide how committed he really wants to be to the DCEU at this point. If ‘Justice League’ bombs, he might just write and star in ‘Batman’ and bow out of directing, and maybe start working on removing himself from the DCEU entirely before its crumbling futures takes him down as well.

Affleck responded to these naysayers during an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! late night show:

“I’m going to direct the next Batman, we’re working on it. It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating because Live by Night took me a year and a half to write it and get it ready, and worked really hard. It’s just that nobody gave a shit, no one was like ‘Where’s Live by Night!,’ but with Batman I keep on getting ‘Where’s the fucking Batman!’ Wow, I’m working, give me a second!”

Really, who could blame him? But if things work out, it sounds like he has some good ideas for the ‘Batman’ movie, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed the Zach Snyder did not manage to completely screw up another superhero movie in ‘Justice League.’  Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below about the potential of that actually happening.

Source: Batman-on-Film

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