chilling adventures of sabrina

It’s not a huge shock, but still a tad disappointing to learn that there are no plans for Netflix’s upcoming ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ to cross over with The CW’s breakout hit ‘Riverdale’.  Because both shows are dark, modern takes based on Archie Comics properties, and the fact that ‘Riverdale’ really exploded when Netflix offered the first season to stream after it had completed its run on The CW, there was a glimmer of hope that there might be a cross-platform team-up of some sort.

But Chris Hayner, co-host of ‘Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast’ spoke to the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz and revealed:

“Based on what he said, they are completely focused on getting Sabrina off the ground on Netflix and not thinking about crossovers at all, but they hope there might be a possibility sometime in the future.  But they want to establish Sabrina as its own entity on Netflix before they even start thinking about it.”

Sabrina‘ was developed as a companion to ‘Riverdale’ but The CW is holding out hope for a revival of another witchy concept ‘Charmed‘.  Because ‘Riverdale’ had been such a huge hit on the streaming service, Netflix swooped in and offered producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa a two-season order, sight-unseen.  It was an offer too good to pass up.

It seems that the plan to set up ‘Sabrina’ on The CW was in place until pretty recently, as some of the events on ‘Riverdale’ seem to plant the seeds for the mystical spin-off, set in the neighboring town of Greendale, which has been shown to be creepy and mysterious.

So far, only one cast member has been revealed — Kiernan Shipka will portray the title hero, Sabrina Spellman.  Shipka is best known for playing Sally Draper on AMC’s landmark hit ‘Mad Men’.

Production is expected to begin soon, so expect more news pretty rapidly.  Both seasons, consisting of ten episodes apiece, will shoot back-to-back and will wrap by the end of summer.  Hopefully, that means that the first season will be ready to chill us all by Halloween!

Check back for more details.