While Shannon Purser who played Barb on ‘Stranger Things‘ is probably thrilled that everyone loved her character even Millie Bobby Brown is now having to confirm that she didn’t make it through the first season of Netflix’s smash hit series. People seem to keep forgetting that we actually saw her corpse in The Upside Down but fans just want to have seen her live. Of course, it didn’t help things when Brown reprised her role as Eleven for Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes cold open and this was likely what prompted the question to come up. Before we get into Millie’s response, here was the open that kicked it off:

Right at the 1:25-minute mark you have a quick ‘Stranger Things’ moment which ends with the series leads doing a rap that closes with them all shouting “Barb is still alive!’ with Purser dressed as Barb actually raising out of the swimming pool we last saw her in on our Earth.

Brown was quickly asked about this and was quick to say that “No, she’s not alive!” The entire moment was just a joke to run with everyone’s love of the character. While there is a lot of hope to see her return one day, you also have to keep in mind that Pursor is already set to play Ethel Muggs in The CW’s ‘Riverdale‘ so a scheduling conflict is already in the way even if she’s only in the show for three episodes so far.

Did you hope that this performance meant that Barb would raise from the dead and return for the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ or potentially be reanimated as a monster in The Upside Down? Share your thoughts below!

Source: EW

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