The Predator

When it comes to the franchise timeline, ‘The Predator’ has the option of just counting the films or all of the tie-in media as well. Most directors would probably just deal with what can be claimed as cinematic canon for a franchise but Shane Black has dug in a bit further than that.

While it isn’t clear if these other mediums will all be part of the movie, it does recognize that there have been enough Predators on Earth at this point where the government has noticed and is taking action. We’ve seen references to potentially a group who is trying to keep the existence of these aliens covered up, and now it seems to be much more than that.

Shane ended up sharing that:

“I think what has happened when this movie rolls around and opens is that for years, ever since medieval times if the comics are to be included, predators have been visiting Earth, and there have been incursions, but relatively isolated in ways that have managed to go under the radar or escaped notice or been disbelieved. This current one picks up where the visits from the predators are often enough that now people have actually noticed, to the extent that the military and scientific committee has actually put together a group whose job it is to monitor and keep track of this sort of phenomenon, a kind of watch the skies kind of program that is aware that something is out there that sometimes comes and is waiting for that next incursion, so that we can be prepared and jump on it as opposed to being surprised.”

With an agency trying to keep abreast of things that means more than just the movies are being thought of with Predators involved. This inclusion means either Black is including comics or books as canon or is going to leave it open-ended enough to say that there have been other occurrences of these intergalactic hunters coming to our planet.

Are you happy to hear that Shane Black is versed with the Predator timeline from all areas of the franchise? Do you feel that this is important for crafting a tale that doesn’t just appeal to moviegoers? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Predator’ will sneak into theaters on September 14th, 2018!

Source: Entertainment Weekly