“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

Well, faithful Grimmsters, we’ve arrived at the final season of Grimm. Thirteen episodes to determine who wins Portland: Nick Burkhart or former police Captain/now Mayor Sean Renard. As it stands, an hour into the 13 chapter swan song of Nick and friends, it’s not looking too good from the white hats.

The odds may be stacked against Nick but he's not alone.
The odds may be stacked against Nick but he’s not alone.

Now, some season premieres start off with a bang but, after the chaos and carnage of last year’s finale where Black Claw went all-out in trying to take Nick down, “Fugitive” is more of a catch-your-breath aftermath. That’s not to say there’s not a lot going on—there is—but as plot furthering points go, it’s more of our characters taking inventory where they stand and preparing for some rough times.

We start off seconds after last season’s finale. Renard, thanks to his super powered kiddo Diana, has just skewered Black Claw dignitary Bonaparte, inadvertently saving Nick who himself should be dead after taking multiple bullets to the chest. The two men stare each other down, uncertain on what the heck just happened and, for a fleeting instant, it seems as if Renard hasn’t gone full-bore insane and down with the Black Claw agenda.

Yeah, that doesn’t last long.

We could go on, cataloging the events of the hour but it’s pretty simple as to the driving narrative. Knowing that Black Claw will seek vengeance for Bonaparte’s death and the fact that Nick’s standing in his way, Renard decides to kill two birds with one call, framing Nick for Bonaparte’s death and using his considerable power as police chief and mayor to put an all-points out for Nick. Toss in the massacre at the North Precinct and Renard thinks he has to ammunition to toss in a “shoot to kill” directive on those tasked to track Nick down. While we know where Hank and Wu stand on the confrontation, it seems that only Sergeant Franco is the only other cop questioning Renard’s obsession to take Nick down, especially when trying to pin every death the past few hours on a Burkhart rampage.

Eve feeling the after-effects of the death grip.
Eve feeling the after-effects of the death grip.

Though he’s got the entire Portland PD and S.E.R.T. on his tail, Nick’s not alone. The entire gang—Monrosalee, Trubel, Hank, Wu, even Eve/Juliet—are working together to get him out of Renard’s sights but it’s not something that’s going to be easy. In fact, as the gang meets up at Bud’s—the only person not on Renard’s warrant list—Nick knows he needs to get out of town for a while and regroup but it’s too late as, moments before they ready the plan for Nick to disappear, the S.E.R.T. team appears, led by none other than Sean Renard.


It’s tough to catalog an episode like “Fugitive” where so much happens that really doesn’t. The majority of the episode is about Nick and his crew trading clandestine calls, trying to stay one step ahead of the determined (and slightly unhinged) Renard. It culminates with the newest bad guy surrounding Nick and the crew in what appears to be a less than ideal situation for our heroes. And yet, sprinkled throughout the narrative are a handful of moments that tease what we’ll be seeing as we build towards the inevitable confrontation that has been six years in the making.

  • After being healed by the magic stick (NOT of the 50 Cent variety, mind you!) Eve/Juliet is experiencing some interesting changes. At first, it’s just the inability to connect with her Hexenbiest side but then she’s nearly pulled down into the underworld by one of the dead Black Claw Wesen in his death grip. She’s saved by Rosalee quick thinking but the after-effect is that she can read hidden symbols on the cloth that protected the magic stick, symbols she saw on the face of the dying Wesen. It hints out a much bigger mystery than we initially thought.
  • Then there’s the lovely little Diana, sheet smotherer and Voodoo puppet master. Her powers are incredible and her senses of right and wrong are quite askew (though both Rachel Wood and Bonaparte aren’t what you’d call innocents). Still, her desire to get Adalind and Renard—her parents—together may not be the best for Nick and Ads, especially considering the two former enemies seem to be quite in love. Add to that the cursed ring Bonaparte forced Adalind to wear and the glimpses of Juliet behind the Eve persona and it looks as if Nick’s love life may get just as dangerous as his Grimm life.
  • Thanks to Hank and Wu, Renard may not have the carte blanche he believes. His fingerprints were found all over Rachel Woods’ apartment. Questions will be asked and those may be just enough to give Nick the breathing room he needs.
  • With all the death and turmoil, a sliver of hope does appear. Rosalee is expecting. Now, bringing a baby into the madness that is currently Portland may not be the best thing, hence why the couple speaks about getting out of dodge for a bit. But even with the new responsibility coming, it’ll be difficult for the pair to leave Nick high and dry.

Grimm: Fugitive’: 3 woges (out of 5)