SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read on or watch the videos if you want to be surprised when ‘Arrow’ returns in January!

Now I know sometimes when we say “Spoilers Ahead” it is not a huge deal, but this time, seriously, don’t watch if you don’t want spoilers, as the network has apparently decided that they care nothing for surprises or twists, or letting the show reveal itself over the course of an actual episode, and have instead opted to spoil the biggest reveal of the midseason finale in a promo for the return of the show in January. Does it make sense? Of course not, and personally I am greatly annoyed at the CW for throwing out the fact that the Laurel Lance who appeared to Oliver in the mid-season finale is not the real Laurel Lance in a promo, but it is a great example of everything that is wrong with promotions for film and television right now, especially with promos and trailers, where studios execs are so obsessed with something that “looks cool” that they don’t mind compromising the integrity of the show or the movie they are promoting, whether that be by giving all the best action, jokes or moments in a trailer or promo, or just spoiling all the plot twists so audiences going in already know everything ahead of time.

Ok, off my high horse, check out the promos below for the mid-season return of ‘Arrow,’ the promos detail the fact that first of all, Diggle is not going to sit in prison this time feeling sorry for himself, but is instead going to work with Lyla and Felicity on clearing his name (which is what he should have done the first time around), and second, we learn after seeing the new Laurel use the canary cry without Cisco’s voice enhancement (revealing herself as a meta) that she is most likely the Earth-2 Laurel Lance, aka Black Siren, and not the resurrected Laurel Lance of Earth 1. Does this mean ‘Arrow’ is setting up a redemption arc for the Black Siren and a new love interest for Ollie, finally giving us a Black Canary who is actually a meta and more in line with the comics? Is this why Earth 1 Laurel Lance was revealed to have asked Oliver on her deathbed to ensure she was “not the last canary?” Only time will tell! Make sure to check out the promos for yourself below and give your own opinions of what might be going on in the comments section!

Source: TVLine, io9

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