If there is one thing that you cannot complain about in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ it would be the special effects. No matter what you might say about Zack Snyder’s ability to craft a story, direct actors, edit a compelling film together, etc etc, the man has an eye for visuals, and the ability to find great people to bring his vision to life. For proof of that, look no further than a recently released ‘Batman V Superman’ VFX Reel released by Scanline VFX, one of the many VFX houses that worked on the film (check out the full reel for yourself below). I love watching reels like this because it really helps you get a sense of the scale of the work done on the movie, and how every detail was thought about, discussed, enhanced, and worked on frame by frame to get things just right, so much so that as an audience member you do not even really notice it or think about it, but it sets an atmosphere that would be utterly different if not done just right. Throughout this reel you see enhancements to cities, to backgrounds, to practical effects, everything made much grander, bigger in scale, bigger than life, to match the heroes and villains we see battling on screen. And I’m not even talking about the excellent work done by Scanline VFX on the Batmobile or the Batplane, which is also included on this reel and also looks incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do not think very much of ‘Batman V Superman,’ but this reel does remind me that a lot more people are working on the DCEU than just Zack Snyder, and it makes me root for these films to succeed even more now, as I really want to see all of this beautiful work pay off for these companies.  Check out the reel for yourself below, and share your thoughts in the comments below that!

Source: I09

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