Fox’s ‘Gotham‘ has been teasing The Joker for quite some time and now actor Cameron Monaghan who was the fan-favorite for the part seems to be back into hinting that he will end up as the clown prince of crime after all, even though he had previously died.

We already knew that Cameron’s character was going to be back in the series this year even with the untimely demise of his character Jerome Valesky though whether it was a flashback, hallucination, or just another character brought back from the dead was still up in the air.

Let’s just be honest here and realize that he’s going to be returning to the last of the living such as certain other characters have been so far.

Unlike many of Batman’s future villains which have debuted so far, this photo which Monaghan shared and later deleted has him in what looks to be a very classic Joker outfit.

Let’s take a look!


He’s got the smile, he’s got the green hair, he’s got a purple vest. It really looks like the beginning of a 1980s take on the character. The problem is we don’t know if this is a publicity still which was released early, a failed costume test, or the actor just trolling fans.

“Mad City”, the third season of ‘Gotham’ which will return on January, 16th, 2017 will apparently have Jerome featured front and center though we don’t know if his return will be the introduction of The Joker quite yet.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Gotham’? Do you think that Cameron will end up playing an amazing take of The Joker or will we still have someone else end up in the role? Share your thoughts below!

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