“One could have called that
Shape a woman or a boy;
For it seemed neither
And it seemed both”

There are times when the procedural aspects of a Friday night ‘Grimm’ are just as interesting as the greater character arcs. Other times—like this week’s “Double Date – these segments, even when introducing the most unusual of Wesen, are no more than background noise for the relationship developments occurring between our favorite characters.

It starts off with the clichéd out of town businessman garnering the attention of a heartbroken, soon-to-be divorcee. She invites him into her parlor, er condo, and he knows he’s about to get lucky. Until the hubby arrives with a gun and Mr. Businessman hightails it out of there. Unfortunately for him, he drops his phone and aggressively accosts his lil miss divorcee. It doesn’t end well as she woges into an ugly thing whose mucus-covered flesh burns into him like acid.

Monroe’s tapped for man bait

Nick’s called into the case—a welcome distraction from his inability to get in touch with Juliette—and when they get to the scene surmise this may be a Wesen case (thanks to Wu’s understandably focused on the possible Wesen nature of any weird cases now). When they track down the victim’s cell, they discover fingerprints of Linus Balouzian, a known criminal who they surmise is working with the attractive woman. A bit of research at the trailer gives them the info on the Hunta Lami Muuaji, a Wesen who secretes the acidic mucus that burned through the earlier victim. Based on the book, they always travel in pairs and no one’s ever seen a captured or killed a female. Still needing a bit more info, they go to Monrosalee for assistance and, after a bit of discussion with the couple, Nick and Hank suggest Monroe as bait for the female portion of the con artist duo.

Though he’s not crazy about the idea, Monroe agrees and it’s no time before he’s conversing with Stacy, the woman we all know is working with Linus Balouzian. Stacy invites Monroe to the very same condo and the couple pulls the same trick but are thwarted by Monroe’s woge and the arrival of the police. Nick chases Linus through the streets only to lose him when “he” becomes a “she.”

Wait, what?

Before we get back to the he/she Wesen, there are a handful of other plot points going down. Renard’s still struggling with nightmares of his near-death experience at the hands of Agent Steward, waking with his wounds weeping and covered in blood. He taps Monrosalee for any insight but they can only provide Adalind’s book, one locked by his mother and only able to be opened by another Hexenbiest. So it’s a bit of kismet when Juliette comes knocking at his door, looking for advice on her condition and a place to stay. He can offer only so much on the former but does concede to the latter—despite the awkward position it puts him in—but asks her to open the book for him. She does so and we can only guess if it’ll give him the answers he needs.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Wesen hunt…

A solution tipped with testosterone…

Yes, you read right earlier. Apparently, the unique nature of the Hunta Lami Muuaji is that the male and female share the same body. Nick’s theory is accurate (we see the “couple” arguing) but if they are to get a legal conviction, they need the male portion of the beastly pair. The answer? A giant helping of testosterone, proposed by Rosalee, to prevent the change. They end up tracking Stacy down and when she woges into her acid-mucus skin, they pump her with two crossbow bolts tipped with testosterone; it works wonders and Linus is cut off from Stacy.

Nick and Hank have a chat with Linus in custody and he finds the broken connection between his better half. His initial defiance melts away when he can’t touch Stacy. He begs for her to answer him and his admissions of being better with her parallels Nick’s own silent memories as he thinks of the cavernous schism between them, one that may never be overcome.

Where are you now

  • As Linus feels lost without his better half, Nick is in the same position. It’s only been a day or two but he’s struggling with the loss of Juliette and is no doubt replaying his handling of her new status ad nauseum. Will Renard’s unfortunate position complicate matters or with the captain be able to help the two bridge the gap on their relationship?
  • Speaking of complicated, how about Adalind’s confirmation of her status of preggers. Knowing she can’t let anyone know that everyone’s favorite Grimm is the baby’s daddy, she targets Viktor for the “cover dad” but that plan is dashed when King Frederick arrives and shuttles his nephew back to Vienna. Though the King promises a new member of the family will be there to watch over her and the Royal family will always be there for her, it doesn’t change the fact that she needs a fall guy fast. Of course, we all know that, sooner or later, the truth will come out and methinks the reality will be another fissure in the widening gap of uncertainty between Nick and Juliette.