SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read on if you have yet to catch up on ‘Arrow’ Season 5!

The ‘Arrow’ Season 5 Winter Finale did a lot of amazing things for the show, and definitely took us on an emotional rollercoaster of deaths and one surprise resurrection, but apparently there was a big hint dropped that I completely missed when I watched the episode, and in hindsight, I really should not have. The clue appeared after Oliver confesses to his team about his part in the death of Felicity’s boyfriend Billy, when he arrives at Susan William’s house and she comforts him, and offers him a drink. Apparently, if you were paying attention, you would notice that she offered him a very familiar Russian vodka, a point which ‘Arrow’ co-showrunner Wendy Mericle touched upon during a recent interview with TVLine:

“Were we too obvious with that? I would call that foreshadowing more than anything else. Susan is certainly on that [Oliver-in-Russia] train, for sure.”

arrow-vodka-bottle-close-upPersonally, I did not think they were too obvious at all, as all of the emotional carry over from the previous five minutes totally dulled my easter-egg senses in that moment, and I was not expecting the show to drop hints that Oliver’s new confidante was still investigating his Russian connections and potentially out to get him, though I have been suspecting as much for weeks (there’s proof in my reviews, I swear!). I suppose it is even more embarrassing for someone who watches these episodes as closely as I normally do as they even did a close up of the Vodka bottle just to make sure you got the Russian connection, and I completely missed it (check it out on the right).

So what does this mean for the future? Is Susan toying with Oliver to get more information before she gets the story she wants and stabs him in the back? Is she secretly working with Prometheus, and has been all along? Or could she somehow actually turn out to be an ally who is keeping his secret and protecting him? Who knows, but feel free to share any theories you might have in the comments below!

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