There isn’t much worse than leaving a movie early but perhaps falling asleep during one can top that and Michael Shannon (‘Boardwalk Empire’,’Take Shelter’) ended up falling asleep while watching ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘! Now, negative reviews aside, he didn’t state that it was for being a bad movie that he fell asleep but that he was tired and on an international flight. Of course, he didn’t say that he had enjoyed what was on screen before passing out or that he had any plans to revisit the film either.

If you look at most of Shannon’s work he tends to prefer more indie or smaller films so it was a bit of a surprise to see him cast as General Zod in ‘Man of Steel‘ but the reason was for much of the plot:

“When I did Man of Steel I thought the story was interesting; I thought it was relevant. It was about a civilization that destroys the planet they live on and goes looking for another one. Ring any bells? That’s why I did it. I didn’t do it because I felt I needed a big comic book franchise – I honestly thought it was a beautiful story.”

Entertainingly enough, the ecological impact of the film is probably one of the least remembered moments. I’m glad he used that for the reason though as he was one of the few shining moments from the film.

Now, as to falling asleep? Here is the relevant snippet from the interview:

Shannon: You’re gonna get me in trouble, man! People ask me about this all the time. Okay, I’ll tell you the god’s honest truth. Zack [Snyder] is gonna kill me for this – he’s gonna kill me. I watched it once and I fell asleep.

Fandango: You fell asleep?!

Shannon: I know, I know… I was on an international flight and I was tired.

Fandango: So we’ll blame the international flight for that. Also, c’mon – you can’t watch a movie like Batman v Superman on an airplane on that tiny screen.

Shannon: No, you’re right. I shouldn’t have been watching it on a plane. But I never go to the movies anymore! I don’t have time to see anything. I used to go to the movies all the time when I was 20 years old and wasn’t working 10 days a week.

Honestly, I can fully relate to his movie watching schedule these days. It feels like the older you get the harder it is to get movie watching time in. However, I can’t say that I’ve fallen asleep during a film that I haven’t previously watched anytime in recent history.

Do you think he ended up falling asleep from just being tired or from being bored by some of the sequences that made it into the film which was hurt by not just initially releasing the extended cut? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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