We’ve already seen hints of Cyborg and know that Ray Fisher will be playing him in ‘Justice League‘ and now the actor is sharing a few details on the character’s origin. The film is likely another non-stop slugfest as it is directed by Zack Snyder which will see cities leveled and all kinds of chaos and while details have been coming out, they’ve been pretty slim so far.

Fun enough, Fisher was a fan of ‘Teen Titans’ growing up and the rest of the amazingly well done animated DC shows so he was able to relate to the character off the bat and happily dove in for more details that were provided:

“I actually grew up watching a lot of these cartoons – a lot of the animated series. Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, all the stuff that would come onto Cartoon Network. My first encounter with Cyborg was through the Teen Titans cartoon.”

“You know, I was in the middle of high school [when Teen Titans debuted], and I was like, ‘This show speaks to me’ because there were all of these characters going through these real teen issues while also saving the world. The extent of my knowledge was just about that.”

“Once I was cast, though, they send you a whole library of stuff about the character so I ended up being able to fall in love with the comic book version which can be very different. I feel like I know him like the back of my hand, but there’s always somebody who knows a little more than me about things.”

It sounds like the comic book version is the one they are going with though if Fisher was a huge fan of the cartoon version it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few aspects of that character slip into his performance as well.

Are you looking forward to checking out Cyborg on the big screen when ‘Justice League’ premieres? Are you happy to see that he should be following his comic origins? Share your thoughts below!

‘Justice League’ will premiere on November 17th, 2017 and ‘Cyborg’ will be coming out April 3rd, 2020.

Source: Screen Rant

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