After he makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, the Black Panther will star in his own solo film scheduled for release in July 2018. But even though our trip to Wakanda is still a bit down the line, things are ramping up behind the camera for ‘Black Panther’. Previously, ‘Selma’ director Ava DuVernay was in line to helm Chadwick Boseman’s solo outing as the mighty T’Challa. However, now that those talks have broken down, the House of Ideas looks as if they have a different approach to the upcoming Phase Three film.

While finding a director is still a top priority, Marvel Studios has decided to get the script together for ‘Black Panther’ first and foremost. According to Variety, they have tapped Joe Robert Cole to pen the script for the Wakandan King. The filmmaker behind the 2011 indie thriller ‘Amber Lake’ (who is actually also attached to write ‘Inhumans’) comes from the studio’s in-house writing program, which also spawned Nicole Perlman’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ script that created the groundwork for James Gunn’s 2014 surprise hit. The report indicates that the studio is definitely excited for this hire because they believe that “the system helps writers understand the Marvel universe better”.

But where does that leave the search for a director? The Wrap is reporting that no one is being seriously considered until the screenplay is finished. However, the top choice appears to be ‘Straight Outta Compton’ director F. Gary Gray. He was previously rumored to be in contention for the job a few months ago, but it was revealed earlier this week that Gray has entered negotiations to direct ‘Furious 8’. With that film scheduled for April 2017, it’s likely that he’ll only get to do one or the other. Whether he decides to venture to the MCU or not, we’ll probably be waiting for a little while before we have an official answer.

What do you think about Joe Robert Cole writing ‘Black Panther’? When the script is finished, do you hope that F. Gary Gray signs on to direct the project? Share your thoughts in the comments below.