We are less than a week away from the massive, Arrowverse crossover event that we have been hearing about for over 6 months now, and I do not know about you, but I am very, very excited. All of the pieces have been set up, all of the shows are ready, the audience is holding its breath in anticipation, the event is now entirely in the hands of the creative forces behind the CW/ DC universe, and whether they completely screw it up or somehow manage to pull it off, I know it is going to be a fun event to watch, and then discuss with my friends afterwards.

In anticipation for the big cross-over, the network has released a “found footage” teaser, giving us another brief glimpse of the Dominators, during what might turn out to be their first appearance on the planet, in what appears to be a WWII battlefield. The clip shows a group of 1940’s soldiers fighting off a strange threat, as something massive looms large in the sky. And while the soldiers are firing ordinary bullets, their enemy is firing what appear to be lasers. As the cameraman is shot and the camera is knocked over, we see one of the aliens on screen briefly, giving us a menacing, black and white look at one of the Dominators just before the image goes dark.

Which of course, raises a lot of questions. Recently it has been confirmed that the Arrowverse crossover (thanks to an interview between EW and Marc Guggenheim) is following the DC Crossover event from the 1980’s known as ‘Invasion,’ and the story will basically be the Dominators coming to earth to destroy the planet’s growing metahuman population because they see it as a threat. Which clearly our heroes will not allow. But the found footage indicates that the Dominators have been here since the 1940’s, which makes me wonder how much time travel will actually be involved in the cross-over, especially since we already know there will be some dimension hopping to get Supergirl involved.

Make sure to check out the footage for yourself, and then share any theories you might have on what is going to happen next week in the comments section below. And make sure to check out our recaps as the week progresses!

Source: Comicbook.com

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