Either this movie is going to last four years or it’s going to be jam packed.  Allegedly, three more villains will appear in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ in addition to Lex Luthor who will be the movie’s main villain.

But first, a few characters are reportedly absolutely not in the picture including the hotly rumored Joker, although there may be hints toward him, as Batman has been active for many years in the movie’s continuity. In addition, some rumors were circulating that Metallo would appear, but that is also reportedly untrue.

So what DC baddies will put in an appearance?  Probably none that you were expecting.

First up is Victor Zsazs, one of Batman’s most gruesome opponents, he is a serial killer who carves a notch on his skin for each of his victims.  One victim that escaped death at Zsazs’ hands was Batman’s faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth, who we know will appear in the movie, embodied by Timothy Dalton.

Next up is Morgan Edge.  In pre-Crisis continuity, Edge was the owner of Galaxy Communications, where Lois Lane and Clark Kent went to work as television reporters, in an effort to update them.  Secretly, Edge had connections to Darkseid, DeSaad and Apokolips.  He created Metropolis’ criminal organization Intergang.  Originally a Caucasian character, he was recently reinvented as an African American, and thus far he hasn’t been shown to have any Apokolips connections.  It’s possible that the character will be reverted to being Caucasian and that this could be the role that Scoot McNairy was hired for.

Finally, we have David Cain.  In the comics, Cain was a deadly assassin, part of Ra’s al-Ghul’s League of Assassins and the lover of lethal martial artist Lady Shiva, with whom he had a daughter, Cassandra Cain, who he raised to be a deadly killer, not even teaching her to speak.  Her only form of communication was her deadly fighting skills.  Eventually, however, Cassandra became a hero, serving as Batgirl for a period.  In the movie, apparently, Cain is hired my Luthor’s assistant Mercy Graves (possibly played by Tao Okamoto).

But that’s not all…

Amanda Waller will also put in an appearance.  The character was played by Angela Bassett in ‘Green Lantern’ in an effort to position her as the DC counterpart to Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, a character that could potentially tie all of its movies together.  But unfortunately, ‘Green Lantern’ didn’t do well enough for Warner Brothers to go on adding films to that mythology.  She was also played by Pam Grier on ‘Smallville’ and currently appears on ‘Arrow’ portrayed by Cynthia Adai-Robinson.  In the comics, Waller is the head of Task Force X, otherwise known as the Suicide Squad a covert team made of super villains who go on “suicide missions’ in exchange for time being taken off their sentences.

Reportedly, however in ‘Batman V. Superman’, she will actually be a senator that doesn’t trust Superman and comes up with a way to potentially deal with him.  If this is correct, that dashes any thought that the CW TV universe will factor into the movies.  Previously there had been the question as to whether Stephen Amell‘s Green Arrow and/or Grant Gustin‘s The Flash would actually graduate to the big screen but, of course, that is all rumor.

Whew!  Well, I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how this many characters will help build the story.  What do you think?  What do you want to see out of this movie?

Source: Latino Review