We know a lot of what is mapped out for ‘The Walking Dead‘ for years to come thanks to the comic but the TV series has been happy to toss up some shakeups along the way and one of them might actually be the death of a major character which no one had seen coming. Word has come in from the family member of one of the cast members in an announcement that doesn’t necessarily say that the character is off the show but it sure as hell sounds like it could spell the end of a major player. This would actually be the biggest change that the show has done from the comics and would have a huge impact on every story arc going forward and a change of how our current actors have to play out their parts.

So, I, of course, have to give you a moment to turn back now if you want to avoid spoilers!


Still with me? Well, fan favorite from the comic and those who can’t stand Carl and are annoyed that he won’t stay in the house from the show might be happy by the time the season finale rolls around. That’s right folks, Carl might be heading towards his end.

William Riggs, Chandler Rigg’s father has made a Facebook post, which has now been removed, that could mean his son will no longer be in the series.

Here is exactly what he stated:

7 year contract completed! Grateful to AMC, Cast & Crew, TWD fan base, and especially Chandler for always being 100% dedicated. Whether is was getting up at 4 AM, working in the freezing cold past 2 AM, leaving his friends and carefree kiddom behind, scrambling to make up missed schoolwork, he has done it without complaint and always made me proud & amazed to be his dad!

Could this shot be in our future?


It sounds as if we’re either going to see Carl die at the end of the season or midseason finale or have a cliffhanger that leaves us in suspense.

It was vague enough to really go either way and if the cliffhanger is a did-he-or-didn’t-he-die-not only will fans who like the character help the actor and his father leverage a new contract if they are outspoken enough, but it could also backfire. Yes, we’re finally seeing Carl ever so slowly become the comic character who is actually enjoyable to follow but also the series has given us so many teaser deaths at this point that everyone is kind of sick of them.

If they do end up killing off Carl many major key points going forward as well as Rick’s motivation for everything will be drastically altered. Another takeaway is that you also have to wonder if Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have contracts about to expire as well and what that means for their characters.

Do you think they’re killing off Carl in ‘The Walking Dead’ or is this all just a cruel tease for an upcoming cliffhanger that we’ll hit with? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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