With ‘The Inhumans‘ being turned from a feature film into an ongoing television series it seems Vin Diesel, who has long rumored to be the future Black Bolt, won’t be showing up for the role. Going from someone who speaks three words non-stop to not being able to talk due to the destructive power of his voice would have been ironically perfect – and he already has a bald head and the perfect build for the part! Sadly, it no longer seems to be the case.

We’ve been seeing teases that he would portray Black Bolt for years and have all been excited about it but during a recent Q&A, James Gunn weighed in on the subject:

“The Inhumans is going to be a TV show. Unless Vin wants to take a huge pay cut and sign up to do a TV show it seems unlikely.”

With a pay cut and demanding filming of what is likely to be a full on 22-episode season as ABC generally does, this ideal casting just doesn’t appear to be in the cards. We’ve seen quite a few stars picking up series work as of late but most of the time they are on either a premium network or for a limited run television series and this one won’t be the case.

That being said, both Marvel and Diesel haven’t weighed in on this but it really doesn’t logically look good if Diesel plans on making feature length films.

Are you sad to hear that Vin Diesel won’t be playing Black Bolt on ‘The Inhumans’ after all? Or, even though his other job is a talking tree, are you happy to hear that they’ll be using a different actor for the show? Should this have stayed being a movie? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

The first 2 episodes of ‘The Inhumans’ will premiere on IMAX in September 2017 with the full series launching on ABC shortly after!

Source: Screen Rant

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