y: the last man yorick-and-ampersand

FX has found its showrunner for the upcoming adaptation of the DC/Vertigo series ‘Y: The Last Man’ and it’s ‘American Gods’Michael Green.

Green is currently co-showrunning Starz ‘American Gods’ with Bryan Fuller and both are listed as the show’s creators.  Presumably, this means that he will depart ‘American Gods’ which adapts Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel.  ‘Y: The Last Man’ is still in development, but Green will co-write the script for the pilot with Brian K. Vaughan who created and wrote the entirety of the ‘Y’ comic book series– 60 issues in all.

Green has served as executive producer on the series ‘The River‘, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Kings’, supervising producer on ‘Everwood’, consulting producer on ‘Jack and Bobby’ and co-producer on ‘Smallville’.  He also contributed scripts for most of these shows as well as screenplays for the films ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’, ‘Logan’ and… ahem, ‘Green Lantern‘.

Vaughan co-created the ‘Y: The Last Man’ comic book with artist Pia Guerra.  The series followed the exploits of escape artist Yorick Brown, who is the only human male survivor after a plague wipes out all the others.  This status makes him the prize target for various shady organizations including world governments.  He is accompanied by mysterious government woman of action Agent 355, Doctor Allison Mann and Yorick’s pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand (also a male).

The book was an acclaimed smash hit when it was first released and remains a perennial seller as new readers discover the gripping title.  Ever since the book was first published, there have been various attempts to adapt it either as a TV series or film.  The serialized nature of the comic book, however, makes it much better suited to TV and FX has a fantastic track record.  This looks to be the perfect fit!

At this early stage, it’s unclear when (or even if) the TV adaptation will arrive, but things are looking up with this latest announcement.

Are you excited that this series is coming closer to reality?  Does Green’s track record make him the right fit?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter