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Big casting news for those following the development of Fox’s new Batman prequel titled ‘Gotham‘. Rookie detective James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie (‘The O.C.’, ‘Southland’) now has a Detective Harvey Bullock cast to play his mentor and he is going to be played by the always amazing Donal Logue (‘Max Payne’, Blade’)! This is a piece of news that actually has me a little excited for the series because I’ve been a fan of Logue’s work for quite some time now and his recent portrayal of a police officer gone bad in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ already proves he has the chops to pull this off!

Logue was offered the role last month but today it’s been announcedthat he has signed the dotted line!

In the series,  we are going to see Bullock as Gordon’s older partner and mentor. He’s a detective that is rough around the edges and does his own thing. He’s known to play a little loose with police procedure though this is often overlooked as he is always able to get results from a form of investigation that is a little more old school which would imply that knocking on doors while investigating may imply knocking them down.

It’s going to be interesting to see if they have Logue start off already taking bribes and somewhat working with the wrong side of the law or if they’ll even develop him to go down that route. In the comics, he’s commonly been associated over the years with being a crooked cop or at least slightly crooked. I’m really curious to see if that will at all appear on the show. If he’s crooked it could be a good lead in to early appearances of some of Batman’s villains or known crime lords from the series such as The Penguin. It could also be fun to see if he is at all involved in a cover up with the murder of a certain young Bruce Wayne’s parents right from the get go.

Do you think Donal is a good fit for Bullock? Would you have preferred another actor? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter