We are so close to the biggest crossover event of the season that you can almost feel the fanboys squirming in their seats! In a matter of weeks we will finally have that epic, four night event that will bridge all four of the CW’s DC shows together in one massive storyline, bringing all of our favorite CW heroes together to fight the Dominators, the alien invasion threatening the Arrowverse that will take all of them to repel. The crossover has been hyped up ever since news broke that ‘Supergirl’ was coming to the CW (and that despite a god-awful Season 1 somehow ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ was being picked up for a second season) and the network realized the potential for bringing all of their heroes together.

And for once, this does not necessarily feel like a move solely for the ratings. Sure, the ratings will help, but it truly feels like the crossover is being designed for the hardcore fans, as one big storyline means it is not something that casual viewers may enjoy, as you will have to be watching every night of the event, watching all four shows to really know what is going on, and that does not necessarily bode well for any latecomers jumping into the story who do not watch all of the DC shows on the network. Which is ok to me, because it is a calculated risk the CW Arrowverse folks are taking, and I am just fine with it, especially since it could have big rewards down the line if it works well. And if the new trailer reveals anything to us, it is that that risk looks to be justified. The characters look just as excited about this massive team-up as we are, and the Dominators look like a formidable group of foes that will take all of the strength and cunning of our heroes to repel, and throw in the fact that the event will also encompass the 100th episode of ‘Arrow’ and bring back Deathstroke (who you can spot in the trailer!), and you have the makings of some incredible TV that week.

Check out the trailer for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on the cross-over event in the comments below!

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