Fear not fans of Westeros, when HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ comes to an end at the end of Season 8, we may not be done with the world created by George R.R. Martin. There has long been speculation and rumor about what HBO will do once the hit series finishes it’s run, especially after 6 seasons of fantastic ratings, award nominations, and amazing press, and it seems the executives have been wondering the same thing. Fortunately for everyone, there is a good amount of backstory to the world that Martin created that could be explored in a prequel series, and a lot of interest from the fans to see more of that world fleshed out on screen. As to what period of time a spin-off series could potentially explore we do not yet know, but the possibilities are vast. According to HBO programming president Casey Bloys:

“I would say it’s still kind of preliminary ongoing talks. There are areas we are exploring, but I wouldn’t point to any one and say, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’”

My money would be on telling the story of Robert’s rebellion and the Mad King, as I think it would be fascinating to see Westeros at the height of the Targaryen power and watch as it all falls apart, and see the tragedy of watching this ordered world come crashing down, and see young Robert and Ned Stark struggle to keep it all together. I know it would feel a bit like ‘Star Wars’ in that you would know that fate of a lot of characters, but unlike ‘Star Wars’ you would not be rooting for a ‘Darth Vader’ character to win, you would be rooting for Robert and Ned to beat the Mad King and restore some kind of peace to the land, for after the Rebellion there was an era of relative peace in Westeros for almost 20 years (I think) before all hell broke out once more.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is there a time period you would like to see them explore? Or do you think they should let it go once ‘Game of Thrones’ is over? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Source: EW

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