With this week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ finally bringing the Saviors and Rick’s group in Alexandria back together for an hour and a half of fun it should come as no surprise that we have a new clip to share with you today. What is a surprise is that two key female roles have been announced for the series!

So who is being added to the show? Well, Lindsley Register and Elizabeth Ludlow (‘Max Steel’) will be playing Laura and Arat on the series. For those familiar with the comics, you’ll recognize the first name rather quickly and the second once I make a very obvious mention.

Laura isn’t actually introduced until well after the current events in the show but is a character who would be easy to insert now and build on over time. For Arat though? Spell it backwards, yes, Ludlow will be playing Tara. Both of important members of The Saviors for various reasons that are a bit too spoilery to get into here.

Now for the clip itself, it seems as if we have Negan not only showing off his skills with Lucille once again, if against a walker, but that he won’t have quite the same hands-off approach that he clearly has with The Kingdom in last week’s episode.

Clearly, Negan feels that Rick and his crew need a more hands on approach and we’ll have to see how that works out for him.

You can check it out here!

It also seems that Rick still has a bit of defiance in him from not quickly inviting negan into Alexandria.

Are you enjoying Negan’s role on ‘The Walking Dead’ so far or do you think this is a place they should have deviated from the comic with? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: EW

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